What’s All This Then?

I have been a reluctant blogger.

I have been Once-Reluctant.

I have been wonko.

I have been wonkothesane.

I have been zippy.

I have been godwillbegod.

I am Andrew.

The time has come to take our steps together and go beyond belief and reason. We have the power to do something miraculous.

Everything is in place right now to feed and educate every child of the world each and every day. Everything is in place right now for people to consciously choose peace and live in peace each and every day. Everything is in place right now to solve our problems through the innovation of ideas and sharing of work.

There is something beyond belief and reason. There is action.

There has been some suggestion made to me regarding email. I can be reached at and_gilchrist (at) “hotmail-dot-com”. But I can also be reached through comment on the blog. If you wish to contact me but would like the comment removed after, just tell me in the comment. This is the blogosphere – everything can be edited (and perhaps still desperately needs to be edited).



  1. keep it coming man i love it

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