Posted by: Andrew G | May 22, 2010

Be Thee Warned!

Change is happening!

There’s a-doin’s a-transpirin’!

Be Thee Warned!!


I’m moving. Things are getting bigger, and with any luck, a littler stranger and a little sillier.

Starting (probably) next week, you will be able to find me and my ramblings at either or at .


Subscribers: I will send out personal emails to make sure the love is still there.

Regulars: please keep surfing and check out my new digs. It might take a week or two to get everything where it should be. Feedback and help always greatly appreciated.

Trollers: yes of course there is love for you too.

Shannon and Zippy: well, you already know what’s up and you are coming along for the ride.

See you at the new domains!




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