Posted by: Andrew G | May 12, 2010

The Presence of God and Music

I have never felt the presence of God because of music. Maybe I should qualify that–  I can’t recall a memory of ever thinking, “This music is so amazing it must come from some inspiration of God.”

In some ways, it’s kind of sad. It must be an incredible, emotional feeling. I’m sure there are people out there that have had such an experience.

It just seems weird to me. I mean, I’m a preacher’s kid. Music lessons were a must-have according to my mom. And, I do think about or practice music in some form almost every day (not always the case, but some fixations have returned). I’ll even admit that I’ve cried because of music. Not often though. And only in the past, like when I was a child. I mean it. I’m not like that now (Come on, I’m a guy. I’m trying to be open and honest, so please allow me this hasty return to macho).

I’ve certainly felt connection. The bonds between my friends and I because of music are very different from any other form of relationship. Sometimes more nurturing, sometimes more intense. Certainly not always better, but different for sure. 🙂

Come to think of it,  my personal experiences of God have been few and far between. Two come to mind, and neither were particularly convincing.  Just, sort of chances to be reflective rather than imperatives to receive a message. I would put it this way: a little too coordinated to be just a coincidence but still way too natural for any need to jump to the supernatural. If anything both felt like, to steal a line from alcoholics, a “moment of clarity”. Both were very short moments where I could consciously see a way to align myself with the world as it is. Let things be and see things as they are rather than find a personal way to gain from it, or move myself to the winning team, or anything like that.

In some ways, they were experiences that brought me to respect Taoism a great deal more than pursue some monotheistic deity’s divine plan.

What has been your experience with music?

Is there a piece of music that you just swear is part of some divine plan?

What music is keeping you going right now?



  1. Andrew:Thats a good short message that asks us to think about the experiential side of life. I think music and singing does help church groups to share a sense of peace within the presence of God and or with others. There was an interesting guy on Steve Paiken last night talking about what people are able to find in ways of support, friendship, and peace within the religious group experience. He talks about it as a soothing experience. His name was Lionel Tiger and he has co-authoured a book called God’s Brain. He is a little more positive than some about what happens in religious or spiritual community. It sounds like another book worth looking at.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Just wanted to answer your queries as pertains to me, so here goes:

    What has been my experience with music?
    I’ve always loved singing and most genres of music … got into trouble in grade school due to singing out answers to my teacher’s questions; go figure.

    Is there a piece of music that I just swear is part of some divine plan?
    Knowing me as you are beginning to I guess you will understand when I say that the 70 plus songs I have written have been God-inspired (some written along the 401 highway, other when I’m awoke from a deep sleep and still others while I am washing dishes). I absolutely love writing and singing the words He gives me.

    What music is keeping me going right now?
    Gospel music has to be tops for me but there are other genres including Country, Soul and Jazz which have had deep impact for me.

    Thanks for another chance to learn, Andrew.

    Hope I can keep more up-to-date with your posts.

    Your cousin, Rose Naomi

  3. Dad: another book, eh? I think I still have the wounds from the last books I picked up…

    If people’s experiences were just “support, friendship, and peace within the religious group” then I think religions wouldn’t be in the mess they are in today. But there is hope, for sure. Support, friendship and peace can all be experienced with or without supernatural circumstance, right? If not, then maybe we are all truly doomed, unless we change our ways.

    Rose: Don’t worry too much about keeping up to date. If the internet’s up, these posts will likely be here still.

    70 songs though!?! Ya, I guess I am just beginning to know you. What have I musically gotten myself into now… 🙂

  4. Andrew:

    It sure is great to read the responses and follow-ups here – to me it is truly a learning experience like none other; getting to know people this way though not very perosnal sure beats not being able to interact at all, eh?

    Had a tremendous day today – was able to expend some of my musical vocal energies at two different locations; keeping me out of trouble and growing me by leaps and bounds!

    Hope to see both you and your lovely lady again soon.

    Rose Naomi

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