Posted by: Andrew G | May 10, 2010

Hearing With New Ears

I had some fun this weekend exploring music.

Here is a remix of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. Handel’s original has maybe four lines in it, but I only really liked two of them.

“Hallelujah” (Sab over at Triangulations reminded me of the history of the word on one of his recent posts)

“King of Peace” (a reference to the Christian Messiah – I’m just a big fan of irony).

Christians certainly haven’t cornered the market on irony, but they have perfected the art in way too many ways.

So, without much more ado, here ya go –  my first youtube video. Please tell me what you think.



  1. Fun ! It is cool seeing you experiment with different media.

    So that is your drum stuff in the background? Drum machine? How did ya do it?

    • Thanks S,

      Ya with the new age you gotta be artist, engineer, producer and visionary. My visual arts background and technical background are both sorely lacking, but hey, everyone’s got a learning curve…

      I use Ableton Live, and for this project just put together a beat from some of the drum samples that came bundled. That reminds me though, one thing I forgot to do — I will put the “live set” up somewhere for downloads if anyone wants to add to the song or just remix it.

  2. Really enjoyed that, Andrew – sounds like you had a hoot putting it together – more, more!

    • Thanks Rose. I would like to get to more. Unfortunately, life invades…


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