Posted by: Andrew G | April 30, 2010

It Became a Deliberate Mistake


Otto: Um, how are we going to get out of here?

Homer: We’ll dig our way out!

Wiggum: No, dig up, stupid.

The Simpsons, in episode Homer the Vigilante


Whenever you find yourself stuck in a hole that you dug for yourself, how do you get out? Well, keep digging.

That’s what I found myself in this month. I had a lot of fun. I got my head more organized. But there are some pretty important lessons too. I hope they are of some use to you.

Lesson: There is a lot out there. And you can go very deep. But you have to allow what you find to affect you.

I’m willing to explore all the depths, and I’m willing to dig deep for my audience. We can’t afford to be satisfied with soft, simple stock-answers anymore when it comes to how we are all going to live with each other, and trust each other, and make this world awesome.

Even though I had a lot of fun this month, a lot of time was used up on just thinking and ‘booking’. And I really think the four books I looked at this month could make a great college course—maybe something like “Contemporary Issues and Visions in Western Religious Thought”. But processing about 1200 pages in a month is a bit much. I just felt I had to at least show some respect to the original authors’ intentions and efforts.

In the future there will be more book reviews, but only every other month or something. I’ll leave this up to the audience actually. Direct me, and I will take your collective direction. I will even take suggestions of books that need review. (Well, to a point. I need access to the book and I need time and, admittedly, some ounce of personal inclination/motivation).

Lesson: Blogging is one thought at a time. One paragraph at a time. Often enough, one sentence or phrase at a time. That’s it.

I’m changing up once again. So much for books, for now. I will be using bits and pieces of the four books, but just one little bit  or piece at a time.

Since I buried my nose in books, I didn’t stick my nose in other people’s business – meaning I didn’t really get out and read other bloggers’ stuff much at all. I really want to make contact and join in the conversations already going on. So that means more time on other people’s sites and a little less on my own. I do have a lot of changes planned for my site, and they will be plunked in bit by bit over the month, but that’s another matter…

What I’m sayin’ is “Bloggers beware!” I’m gonna be in your backyard, and I’m bringing my shovel!

Lesson: A lot of other little things (like money…) got ignored or left to fend for themselves.

As long as nothing gets hurt or put in danger, that’s fine. But I need to think about rent and so forth. I have to pull back now, and make sure all those other little things don’t fall off the shelf, or get lost down the sink, or pile up in the laundry basket, or clutter the backyard. Housecleaning is next to soul-cleaning, my mom might try to convince me…

And so in my usual distracted fashion, I think I will make May Music Month. When I was a kid I actually got out of a lot of chores if I was willing to practice my music. It’s a curious lesson for a kid – you have a choice of this duty or that duty. And, it’s a sneaky trick by a clever mom – giving a choice of practice this or practice that. So, let’s see how the digging goes. Remember, we’re trying to dig ourselves out of this hole. Keep those shovels up!

To end, some fun snippets from The Simpsons. (The best modern storytellers for the lessons to learn!)

Homer Points out the obvious flaw in God’s request for one hour of your time:

God talks about his troubled son:

Have a great weekend!



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