Posted by: Andrew G | April 23, 2010

Fun Friday – Just in Case!

I struggled to find something good for today. And so, in desperation I went to the comedian Edward Current. Beware, extreme sarcasm ahead!

In some ways, like Wade’s The Faith Instinct, it does act as  a kind of reminder  to focus on the important things.

So, what do you think?



  1. Andrew: Edward Current, is an interesting guy. It is laughable how we approach faith and religion and prayer in so many different ways. However, it is also funny how it seems to be so important to people and seems to be such an influenece upon us. Are we all just absurdly crazy people or what? Why do we need this thing called religion and faith? Why can’t we disconnect from it and just get on with our lives?
    Jim G.

    • Hey Dad!

      Well, I would guess that we are all crazy. Evidence would suggest it :-).

      It’s so tied to our ‘meaning’, our ‘reasons’ for living. How do we stop living for something but then get on with our lives??

      I do think Nicholas Wade is onto something, so I thought Ed Current’s little video was a good tie-in to the book… sort of…

  2. My heart just reaches out to the guy. He is trying so hard. Damn, if anyone deserves heaven, it is him. Wait, we can’t deserve anything. Shhhhhh, we can just think it humbly!

    • “… just think it humbly!”

      I love this, so perfect!

      Ed Current is usually so viciously ironic that I was surprised to find this mild one. For him at least, it’s mild…


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