Posted by: Andrew G | March 1, 2010

March is Exploration Month

Happy March to you!

In my usual patient procrastinist style, I haven’t really decided on what I would do for Lent until two weeks into the steady march to Easter.

In my past post on Ash Wednesday and T.S. Eliot, I highlighted three of the main themes of the Christian period of Lent. Once again, they are:


Abstinence (from Eating Meat)


To certain degrees I’ve entertained each of these things so far, and to different levels of success for each. I’ve held back on the consumptive pleasures of the realm of physical food and drink (I’ve also indulged, I must admit– it was a really good weekend). I made a good carrot soup with ginger and no meat that turned out to be really quite filling. And in repentance I’ve accepted that I am little more than a student in the community of religions and faiths. I have started to read God: A Biography by Jack Miles (given to me by my parent’s minister) and as well this weekend I went to a seminar on the Art of Meditation directed by local members of the  Kuluta Buddhist Centres..

But now that March has begun, the infamous schizophrenic month of the calendar in being both lamb and lion, I thought I would have a Lent of Exploration. I’m going to draw closer to the good life by looking at the many worldviews the world has to offer in living the good life.


I can only hope I serve each of them the respect they deserve, but here is the list of worldviews I want to talk about this month:













I will likely be relying quite heavily on and also drawing from texts I have collected or borrowed over time.  By no means is this list complete. Most of these broad categories cover a wide spectrum of subgroups. I only have a month, so I’m going to be very general. And I do hope to be steered properly by your suggestions and comments if things get lost or mistaken along the way.

It’s Relgion- let’s have fun!

(Has ‘religion’ and ‘fun’ ever been successfully put together in a sentence? Let’s try it. That’s the challenge for this month.)



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