Posted by: Andrew G | February 26, 2010

Originality and Obstinance?

In honour of one of the most recent comments posted on this site, I thought I would wear my SINNER shirt today.

I got this from the nakedpastor, a wonderful site from a Maritimer that is trying to strip to the essential. He’s an incredibly creative artist and commentator on the workings of church and faith (and blessed humanity…).

One thing that has drawn me back to his site time and time again is his goal of having no other agenda but love. I think he’s sincere in this pursuit, but it has brought him his own portions (and maybe an extra helping) of criticism and flack. He’s quite aware of the narrow path and the dangerous barbs of hypocrisy, considering he is a community leader in a church. But, I think it says something about the world as well the individual when even attempts at having no agenda can draw hasty evaluations.

WordPress (through someone else’s blog) has served up a wonderful opportunity for vocab-growth. Check out this word:

polysemy: a word’s (or piece of art’s) capacity to carry two or more distinct meanings.

I had to look this one up (thank you search engines!).  But I’m glad I did. I think it’s this very thing about language that should make us pause and hold back judgment when it comes to so many religious ‘truths’ and insightful visions (or dare I say inciteful visions?).

Here is where I got the word polysemy. And I strongly encourage you to check out the blog entry because it is a discussion about art, and in particular about a piece of art that I feel needs to be discussed a great deal. Here’s a shot of the piece from Eugenio Merino entitled Stairway to Heaven:

Stairway to Heaven

I don’t think the artist was trying to suggest any kind of hierarchy, but again for more detail go over to the ‘laurachiesa’ blog and join the conversation.

As for me, well I think I will let another artist have the final word once more, someone who’s struggles and wrestling matches I have greatly admired over the years.

When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant …..

Leonard Cohen, The Future



  1. Hi I am happy to see some sanity out there. Thanks for your balanced view on this subject. I am spending my afternoon trashing overtly offensive comments.
    (the author of the post)

    • Wow that was quick!
      Thanks shiksa, and by all means you are welcome! I hope I draw a little more (positive) traffic your way!

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