Posted by: Andrew G | February 17, 2010

How do you get to be funny?

I could never be a stand-up comedian. It’s not so much the fearlessness or anything. Well, ok yea that’s an issue. But I think it’s my timing. And maybe my sense of humour.

Way too often, after delivering a line, I’ve had to count the beats  until someone got it, or at least got uncomfortable enough to try and break the silence with a hesitant laugh. More to clear the throat than anything else.


But, some things I just find funny.

Like this ——————>

Yep, someone out there got a tattoo of

Pez Jesus

I found this at the site ugliesttattoos.

It’s awesome. Seriously. A little rough, not for young eyes, if you know what I mean.




This one surprised me a little.

That is one happy Jesus, and

I for one am glad to see he can

still laugh after all

we put him through.





In the greater plan for this blog I did want to create some ‘funnies’, some little cartoons that are smart, clever, witty, mindful, inspiring, daring, surprising, incendiary, truth-capturing… you know, all the good stuff.

But, I’m having some difficulty in ‘finding my voice’. Know what I mean?

So many have done so well at being creative already.

I’ve recently been reintroduced to the work of Dan Piraro. He is known in part for Bizarro.

Here’s one of his gems.

There is a wonderful collection of his work (and other comics too) at the NY Daily News. They’ve also got a great captionary game, where you can make up your own caption.

So, how do you find your voice?


How do you do funny?


I see it all around me sometimes. But that doesn’t mean everyone shares it with me…


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