Posted by: Andrew G | February 8, 2010

Liberal Christianity will be a Transitional Fossil

I’m exploring some ideas.

I’m probably spending way too much time these days trying to understand creationists. But, it may have paid off after all. It’s fun exploring someone else’s ideas. So, just run with me on this one. Tell me if you think this works.

There are remnants of old faiths, and they are pressed solid in the packed layers of dirt and ideas in our beliefs. They are beautiful, wonderful things that can tell us so much about where we have been, how we have used our brains, and what shape our ideas might take in the future.

But the key is change. We don’t hold the same beliefs as our ancients. We don’t have to live the same way as the ancients. It’s actually possible now for an average person to live, grow and come to the end his or her days without ever touching raw meat, or having to prepare a meal for herself or himself. That’s a weird thought in itself.

So, I’m going to offer up this analogy — Liberal Christianity is going to be a Transitional Fossil in the forking, meandering paths of human development and understanding.

I don’t want to go into the debate on transitional fossils necessarily, but here’s the wiki at least. There are examples of transitional fossils, but that might not satisfy everyone. Good old TalkOrigins has been having many conversations on this.

So, does the comparison work?


Let’s dance with our past, dance right into our new, bright and beautiful future.






[Oh, man. I’m way too far-gone on this. How am I every going reach an audience if I keep on shooting over even my own head? Do I really expect people to think about this stuff?   :-)]



  1. I’m with you, reading, I’m thinking about it… I just disagree. But I enjoy perusing your take on things. Its important to share.

  2. Hey again an,

    Yea, I don’t agree with myself half the time. Call it inconsistent, irrational, whatever.

    I’d like to think I know the limitations of my thoughts. But, I really do like playing with thoughts, and that’s all this blog entry is really about.

    Frankly, I’m surprised anyone was willing to entertain the idea long enough to even comment on it, so thanks for moment!

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