Posted by: Andrew G | January 22, 2010

Atheists Help Haiti Too!!

Atheists Set Up ‘Religion-Free’ Fund

for Haiti Relief

The article linked to is by Nathan Black and the Christian Post. I’m not too familiar with the news website but the article is worth a scan.

The general idea — Richard Dawkins has joined forces with others to create Non-Believers Giving Aid, “helping to counter the scandalous myth that only the religious care about their fellow-humans.”

Money will be going to groups such as Doctors without Borders and the International Red Cross — groups already in place that do not have direct religious affiliations.

The article focuses further on the morality of atheists. Some would argue that although atheists can do some good things, they can’t really justify their moral choices without something called an ‘objective moral basis’ (according to Chad Meister, quoted in the article).

This is, to put it very lightly, totally and extremely debatable. But, I will let you come to your own conclusions .

Here is what I really want to point out — if atheists, theists, and everyone in between can give when help is needed, then certainly there is hope for a common ethical ground. And this is so much more important than bickering about who is right or who gets the last word.

Some people might think this is little more than a P.R. move. The atheists couldn’t actually be genuine in this, could they?

At this point will someone in Haiti care whose hand it is that has come along to help? No!

We have to continue to help. And now even more people are contributing to the efforts. That’s the real end good, right?

Justifications, beliefs, agendas — set them all aside. Bicker later. Be ‘right’ later.

And for now,  just give.

Special thanks to James for bringing up this article on his blog, Apathy and Inquiry. I haven’t exactly asked him where he got the name, but he’s certainly got my curiosity.


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