Posted by: Andrew G | January 20, 2010

Myths and Truths

I got to thinking. Just what is it I’m trying to prove here? What started as a fun, creative word-game with close friends has become a moderate obsession to me.

Also, it is so apparent to me that even if my overall goal is to be universal, inclusive and open-minded, I find that I am drawing lines between the beliefs of other people and my own. Comedy needs victims, after all. And I can’t deny that I have an agenda of my own. And so I have decisions to make in terms of whether I am trying to serve myself or serve others.

Interestingly enough, the WordPress homepage served up a mug full of steaming advice from

5 Myths That Can Kill a Startup

By Michael Fisher and Marty Abbott

Ok. Two things– I haven’t checked to make an evaluation on the reliability of the material, and that’s my sloppy tracking. I didn’t sleep well, so lay off (I know, I know, lame excuse). But, there are 46  comments and counting as I write this, so some opinions and research sources are readily available (clickety clickety!). Do your own critical analysis, I have my own problems now.

Also, I won’t quote the entire article, but I do want to grab the 2nd myth. It speaks volumes:

Myth #2: It’s About Your Great Idea

Truth: It’s About Your Customer

The authors describe the importance of satisfying a need with good timing  and ongoing research over trying to convince people that they have a need.

My comment: oh crap.

I’m going to be trying to challenge people. I thought it would be fun to poke some comedy into people’s lives so that they could see their needs aren’t really what they think they are. Now I’ve got two problems! I have a fun idea (it’s not a great idea yet, but maybe someday). And, I know I will likely push some customers away.

So, what’s more important?  My own vision? My own sense of humour? Challenging the world??

Or just “giv’em what dey want!“??

I’m really tempted to make comparisons at this point. There are obvious ones, right? (And I’m not just talking about business examples…) But I don’t want to get strung up, either.

I’m also tempted to just get distracted with something else.

Side note: Family Guy Episode — Peter plants a Church of the Fonz. Freakin’ hilarious!


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