Posted by: Andrew G | January 15, 2010

Haiti – Petite Thoughts

Woke up around 4:30 this morning. When I went back to bed I got to thinking.  And thinking led to not sleeping.

With some trepidation I’m going to spill this out here. I am not going to post images or anything like that. That’s for the news channels and sites.

Petites Angles on Delmas

by Andrew Gilchrist

Do not grant me your easy judgements

Each judgement comes upon its own.

Do not grant me your passing interest

Such attention mocks your facility.

Do not give me your idle hope

My hope and my beliefs may succeed or fail

On this very day.

Please, lend me your strong voice

And rally together whatever help you can.

Please, lend me your good hands

To help me remove this broken timber.

Please lend me your opened heart

For my heart and my child need your help

And may live or die this day.

Chris Sullins has a great post from yesterday and really illustrates the need for action.  I recommend visiting his site if you are able to extend care in any form.

Another blogger with some more specific details and tips is here: livesayhaiti blogspot. It looks like it’s been busy, so it might need time to come up. This is where I got the title, from one of the comments on the blog.



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