Posted by: Andrew G | January 12, 2010


I’m still a little off-track from my original mandate of posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It’s a blog though, so I’m in no way worried the blog police will come and rough me up or anything.

It’s a wonderful feeling here in the blogosphere– anonymity, delusions of grandeur, and keen wishful thinking all wrapped together with the idea that connections can be made while shouting alone in your backyard into a crying wind.

Thought I would go through my vault today and find something I wrote quite a while ago, but never really pursued it much.


by Andrew Gilchrist

In an attempt to build the temple
I stumbled upon the plan
I know not where it came from
It was written by no man

But in attempt to take up that art
And in studying the guide
I ripped a corner, just a tear
And put a crease on one side

So in an attempt to fix the work
I then borrowed from my own
Buried what I had so deep
So little would even show

And now I kneel afraid to enter
This great temple built by man
Afraid I might stumble on
how I came to fix the plan

I came across this quote yesterday. I think it sums up my thinking lately:

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Albert Einstein

All Blessings.


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