Posted by: Andrew G | January 8, 2010

It’s Alive!!!

Yesterday I began the stumbling process of opening a store through cafepress. It looks quite easy actually. I have two sections up, two designs at least. It’s funny though– it’s not complicated, but there are enough small tasks and points to consider that the whole process actually does go quite deep.

Here’s the store.

As you can see, I haven’t done much design yet. Bear with me, please. At least until the bear gets me…

It’s a bit exciting, I am very curious to see where all this work will lead me. There are two specific charity groups that I do want to help with the store. I have not yet contacted them, however; One Day’s Wages, organized by Eugene Cho and his family, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Here’s a quick shot of two designs so far. Still some fine work to do. But that’s all in the pipes now. It’s just a matter of carrying through, and bearing down. Maybe I will get the bear after all.

All blessings.



  1. Andrew: This is most interesting stuff and I am impressed with the amount of thought and time and work that has been done. I hope you will get some reasonable and funny debates going and literally have some fun with this blog.Your philosophy is coming out – let the spirit lead you with your natural gifts. I like your idea of looking at things more seriously through Nature because I think that will make belief or faith or religion more realistic. Death and life and all that, in the same breath, kind of thing. When I was hunting deer last fall I thought of that a lot because wherever I was in the woods I was surrounded with the composting of leaves and dead branches and dead trees. I was also surrounded by new life coming up through that composted earth creating small plants as well as large tall trees all around me. May the great creator be with you in your creative journey! Dad!

    • Hey,

      Thanks Dad!
      There you go with that ‘creator’ word again, eh? You still like that “First Mover” argument. I really like the line of yours: “Death and life and all that, in the same breath”.
      That’s really all we have, isn’t it? One breath, one chance. The rest is the story we try to make of ourselves.

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