Posted by: Andrew G | January 2, 2010

The Enthralled and the Obsessed

I don’t think God messes with anyone. I do think we try very hard to understand, so hard in fact that we don’t come up with all the right answers.

For about a week now I have been fully obsessed with a topic discussion on the forum Free Thought and Rationalism Discussion Board.  I was doing some net-research (combination of surf and research — ‘surch’ potentially? It doesn’t get as much respect as the word research, but at least it is in the general direction of proper modern day investigation).  As a result, I found a forum topic that had stretched to 54 pages! I won’t link to the original site that got me there, it is a blasphemy to formal inquiry, logic and any reasonable ethical code that includes honesty. The original site is certainly a testament to persistence, the failures inherent in argument and the intoxicating, addictive nature of “being right”.

I swear, we need a book entitled, “Religion and Comfort Psychology”, or “Why Insisting You are Right means You’ve Got it Wrong”. The adage “I’d rather be happy than right” is a wonderful mantra but so many people, it would seem, would ultimately just as much prefer to be both, regardless of any subjective or objective truth, and regardless of the space taken up in internet forums.

Seriously, 54 pages. As expected, there’s a lot of repetition. There’s a lot of off-topic blathering. And, there is a fair amount of avoidance of the actual topic. And finally, oh so surprisingly, not a single person was swayed from their original beliefs or attitudes. Not even me! And I didn’t even take part in the discussion. And I usually cave to anyone’s point!

No real point today, I guess. Just sounding my vexation to a world that is readily abundant, wonderfully beautiful and even reasonably welcoming.  And we have to mess it all up and insist we have the answers because we can’t let go of our own agendas.

All blessings. That’s all really. All blessings.


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