Posted by: Andrew G | December 30, 2009

And the Word became Image

Ah, bloggers.

Little off-topic, but apt all the same.

This I do find funny, considering the seriousness around the host.

Zombie Apostles – When They Eat The Body Of Christ They Eat The Body Of Christ Demotivational Poster

I can’t remember the book, or movie (my memory is a little selective), but somewhere in my past I came across the idea that Judas was the original vampire. He strung himself up on a tree and thereby guaranteed his denial of a transfer slip onto the bus to Heaven. However, like the old bumper sticker, I guess Hell didn’t want him either. So he was left to wander the earth, a poor dejected soul, forever hungry and unsated.

Jesus himself did quite a zombie act. Perhaps the only benevolent zombie I’ve ever heard of. Seriously though, zombies stumble around and devour brains, but no one ever talks of their enormous philanthropic work… It’s a tough deal,  coming back from the dead and still not getting the respect deserved…

Now if we can just find a comparison to werewolves and the Frankenstein monster in the gospels, we could be well on the way to a wicked horror flick.


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