Posted by: Andrew G | December 14, 2009

The Walk

Down the road from us an ambitious contractor bought about 20 acres of land some time ago. A road was put in straight down the middle and ending before a pond that’s separated a few steps off the Bay Of Quinte. The contractor built a model home on the first lot and then put the rest up for sale. The housing bubble lost its bubble, the economy tanked, and the model home and the lots remained empty.

Must be frustrating.

And though I would never tell the contractor this, I’m glad the road is there. It gives me a place to walk in some peace away from the highway and does lead to some woods and some interesting water views. That would all be small comfort to his woes, so I won’t bother to thank him in such a backhanded way.

Someone, out of some duty, has plowed the road down to the first house. I wanted to walk further than that so I braved the tumbled snow and got to the stuff beyond. And what a fantastic feeling. It had snowed, and then rained here, so the snow was strong and stiff. It supported my weight with little more than the odd crunch. But I got to thinking that I was the first to trek beyond the plowed part of the road. I was breaking a path. At least, in terms of the rather short period since the snow had fallen.

I got closer to the pond and some of the growth of wood and it was at that point that humility set in. Other footprints. And pawprints. And snowmobileprints. I may have taken an unworn path to get to the good stuff, but I was not the first. Not just other people, but other animals and machines had been there before me.

I shrugged and looked out at the water for a moment, and tramped through the trees on someone else’s trail. And then I tried to find perspective. There was a lesson; next time remember the camera.

I fully realize that even at best, this blog is simply another voice in the choir. It may even be just a voice from the back row mimicking the choir. And I also realize that I will succumb to the blogging vice, I will spew my own viewpoints in some vain attempt to grasp the profound and push truth as I see it.

But at the same time, I do feel like I must do this. I may be new to the conversation, my feet new to the shared journey, but my eyes have a perspective that can only come from me. And I can hope that it will help someone.


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