Posted by: Andrew G | December 9, 2009

And There Was Light

On Monday I started this post with a quick entry on my working definition of religion. Since I am the only one reading this blog at this point, I do hope we can find some common agreement on that beginning at least.

Today’s post is about how I want to organize and use this blog. I don’t want this to be an everyday post. I’m always thinking, but I want to be humble enough to think that I just can’t come up with something amazing to think about every day. Instead I’m hoping to write three (3) intriguing entries each week. Most likely this means Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  As readership grows, this amount of time should allow people to comment away with some freedom. The current readership should be so lucky, of course…

I will be tapping into some old readings and writings of my own, but for the most part this will be new stuff based on the ridiculous bickering between people that are certain they have things right. I want it to be humourous, a place where people can relax, feel free to think without being hounded by those that feel they have things all figured out.  And I want demonstrate the comfort that can come from uncertainty.

So for now, my tone is a little off. Please forgive me, cut me some slack, all right? I’m just starting off, and things are going to change.

For the most  part, I don’t want to convert you to anything, or argue with you about some fallacy in your worldview .  I hope to enlighten, and inspire, so that good is done on this earth. I believe in the importance of change, and that change is needed. And I want to share in your journey, because there is nothing else more important, in my opinion, than being helpful to others. But I will be satisfied if I can make you laugh once or twice. Or at least entertain and distract you for a few moments.

There will be more writing, and images. Certianly the internet needs more of both, right? There will be poetry. There will be music and videos. There will be interesting finds, as the internet always provides, in that respect. There will be changes in my writing, I guarantee you that much. There will be calls to action as we join with others to do good and change the world, or at least change what little corners of the world we can.

So in the meantime, welcome to my corner of the world. I will work to make you feel at home. And I look forward to seeing how our corners can meet and be enlightened by the differences, the sames, and the cracks along the seams.


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