Posted by: Andrew G | December 7, 2009

In the Beginning

A baby will always stand and fall before walking with strength and confidence. To follow form then, I fully expect even the first year of my blog to contain several stumbles and curious accidents. So I’m looking forward to that.

For this first post, I think I should at least begin with a few ground rules, or at least a definition or two. I do not consider myself religious. I do consider religion to be an important part of the human condition, but I am not convinced it is a necessary part of it, yet. Religion, for me at least, is an attempt to address the things in our lives or in our world that we do not control. At one point in time this may have also included things that we did not understand or did not have power over.

This is where it gets its importance. It’s right at the crux of those moments that are important to us, that vex us and frustrate us so much. It causes us some of our greatest falls and also some of our most majestic flights.

I will continue with these ideas in a later entry, but for now I will let this be, and leave it as my starting point.


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